Terms and Conditions:

Please note:

  • Any damage to the vehicle (Excess amounts below)

  • Speeding Fines

  • Fuel and cleaning

Is NOT covered by your insurance company. The insurance company covers only the rental (Daily Rate/Document Fee) amount for the vehicle. In the event where the insured needs a vehicle after a claim has been finalized but no extension is authorized, the insured will be required to pay the full rental amount IN ADVANCE.

In the case of an accident, it will be the client / driver’s responsibility to:

  • Report the accident to Swakopmund Car Hire.

  • Get a full police declaration within 48 hours of the accident and send or deliver it to Swakopmund Car Hire to be able to submit a claim. Without this, no claim can be submitted and the client / driver will therefore be responsible for the full amount of damage.

90% insurance on the vehicle is included in our rates. This means, you will be responsible for the excess payment of 10% of the damage in the case of an accident, minimum amount is N$ 5000.00. Maximum amount is 10% of the vehicle’s value. Any damage below N$ 5000.00, is fully payable by the client. The windscreen is insured and the excess is N$ 650 for the client.

Please attach the following to this document and complete page 


  1. ID copy

  2. Driver’s license copy

  3. N$ 1350 / N$ 2000 cash refundable fuel and cleaning deposit

  4. Credit / Debit card imprint / complete authorization