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Insurance Clients Terms & Conditions


The insurance renting the car is only paying for the rental nothing extra.


Please take note your liable for the following:


  • Any excess. Standard insurance included; excess 10% value of the claim minimum excess amount depends which group vehicle rented. See below for *minimum excess amounts.

  • Speedings fines with N$ 150 admin fee.

  • Fuel & cleaning.

  • Tyre damage is not covered. (Tyre insurance N$ 100 per day extra to pay by client if chosen)


In case of an accident, it will be the client/driver’s responsibility to:


Report the accident to SCH.

Get a full police declaration within 24 hours of the accident and send or deliver it to SCH to be able to submit a claim. Without this, no claim can be submitted and the client/driver will therefore be responsible for the full amount of damage.


90% insurance on the vehicle is included in our rates. This means, you will be responsible for the excess payment of 10% value of the claim *minimum excess is indicated on agreement. Any damage below *minimum excess, is fully payable by the client. The windscreen is insured and the excess is N$ 650.00.


Please attach the following:


  1. ID

  2. Drivers license

  3. Credit/Debit card imprint


Group A to B+: N$ 1500.00 (Minimum Excess N$ 5000)

Group M to MX: N$ 2000.00 (Minimum Excess N$ 10000)

We have speedpoints at our branches

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